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Antioch’s Literary Citizen explores the multi-faceted life of a writer in today’s literary community through insightful interviews with authors, editors, agents, and all of the people who help make writing happen. 

LitCit is produced and run by members of Antioch University’s MFA Creative Writing program, based in Los Angeles. Antioch University’s MFA program is distinctive for our emphasis on literature, community service, and the pursuit of social justice. Featuring widely-published, award-winning faculty in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, young people, and literary translation, our program has distinguished itself through innovative features such as the MFA Field Study, the Art of Translation, and the Post-MFA Certificate in the Teaching of Creative  Writing.


Current Podcast Team: 

Alistair McCartney (Faculty Advisor)

Kenzy El-Mohandes (Production Manager)

Michael Sedillo (Production Manager) 

Ian Rodriguez (Assistant Production Manager)

Production Team: 

Prior Team Members:

Victoria Chang (Founding Faculty Advisor, SF 2020 - SF 2021)  

Amy Mills Klipstine (Founding Producer, SF 2020 - WS 2022)  

Lisa Locascio Nighthawk (Faculty Advisor, WS 2021 - WS 2022) 

Samantha Rahmani (Production Manager, Host, & Producer, WS 2021 - SF 2022)

Lisa Croce (Host & Graphic Designer, WS 2021 - SF 2021) 

Barbara Platts (Host & Producer, WS 2021 - SF 2021)

Lee Takemoto Salo (Host & Producer, SF 2021 - WS 2022)

Tracey Simmons (Producer, SF 2021 - WS 2022)

Kevin Cummins (Host, SF 2023 - WS 2023)

Maggie Lam (Host & Sound Engineer, SF 2023 - WS 2023)

Dianna Hardy (Host & Sound Engineer, WS 2023)

Irvina Kanarek (Host & Sound Engineer, WS 2023)

Michelle Yee (Host & Sound Engineer, WS 2023)